Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows EPIC Part One...

After seeing this movie two times now, Epic is not the word to adequetly describe this masterpiece of a film. Complete with super awesome action sequences that blow your mind, parts that make you jump out of your seat and literally scream and make you wish you were wearing depends and finally with Ron's new broad shoulders(Ron grew up!) this film has you falling in love with every moment! We loved this movie so much that we were dying to see it on Imax. We even braved the aparant "storm of the century" and risked our lives to experience Harry Potter for a second time. We were not disappointed and loved it just as much if not more! We highly recommend that everyone sees this movie on Imax at some point. Its worth the extra $3! If there was anything bad that we would have to say about the movie it would have to be the lack of chemistry between Harry and Ginny. Its rather awkward when they feel like you are watching a brother and sister snog...ew! Not good! There was of course the "nude" scene where it was rumored that we would all be forced to see Harrys other wand. But to our relief it was really not bad at all. They were covered in a silver mistiness the whole time and its so quick and weird that your brain literally doesnt even have time to process that "hey they're naked!?" It was a completely unnecessary scene that we suppose they put in to seem more artsy. Well artsy was weird! We had a crush on Ron before this movie but while watching this our love for him has grown as big as Belatrix's hair! (And that's pretty big!) We especially loved him as he describes how he found his way back to Hermione...oh how we  long to be the light in Ron's heart! Oh how we heart our Won Won! (see picture) We of course give this movie a Level 5 and think that everyone and their dog needs to see this movie! Trust us! We know what we are talking about.

Here we are so excited that we FINALLY made it to the premier!  We of course made shirts and dressed up! So fun!
 At the premier there were a lot of people who took things super serious...keep in mind these people were NOT hired by the theater. They just came like this! There was also a rather odd/creeper version of Lucious Malfoy floating around but we failed to take a picture of him in fear that our camera would get frightened and break!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Step Up In The Right Direction!

We recently went and saw the movie Step Up 3D. First and foremost we had very high expectaions for this movie and they were more than met. This movie was amazing! All the dancers were as they say in the movie BFAB...Born From A Boombox. The acting was of course cheesy but you dont watch this movie for the story. Not everyone can be a triple threat! We of course saw it in 3D, which is well worth the extra $2.00.

Our favorite was of course Moose. What a cute little fella! He was quite the little in Michael Jackson, yo. He has a cute little friend in the movie that he has been friends with for a long time...but this just isnt any random person...its Channing Tatum's foster sister from Step Up 1 that he has a dance off with and probably showed her all the moves that she knows! We were so excited to see her and hoped that it meant that Mr. Channing Tatum aka Chan Chan Man would make yet another cameo appearance like he did in the 2nd film. But no, our hopes and dreams were shattered when we realized that he was no where to be seen in the movie! There were human robots, human noodles, human dogs that looked super freak-o!

The dancing was by far better than any of the other movies. Love Love Loved that even Twitch was able to be in the movie along with the other Asian from Glee and the previous crew from the "The Streets". 

We definately give this film a LEVEL 5 and beyond. Go see it! Thank you Step Up franchise for bringing into our lives Channing Tatum! We are forever in your debt and hope there will be a Step 4, 5 and 6!

Monday, September 6, 2010

A Night Out With THE Mr. Zac Efron!!

We were soooooooooooooooooo excited to see this movie because of the oh so beautifully handsome Zac Efron. But our excitement was quickly evaporated into nothingness. We felt like we watching a movie on Lifetime/ABC Family. It really had so much potential and Zac Efron was actually really good in it. He is the greatest crier in history and we couldn't help but weep when he wept. Total major tear jerker. We still are not quite sure if we like it or if we don't like it? But then we remember the image of Zac Efron coming out of the ocean wearing a white t-shirt and all those doubts are swept away...but then suddenly out of the distance comes creepy horse teeth lady and then those doubts return. Her mouth was distracting and she could hardly talk past her fake teeth. She seriously looked like she just walked off an episode of Toddlers i Tiara's. I believe they are called flappers...please DO NOT invest in these! They pretty much ruined the movie for us. We give this movie a Level 3 and will probably rent it and fast forward to all the parts involving white shirts and the ocean :)

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Worst Movie Of My Life!!!!!!!

OK everyone I am ashamed to say that I WANTED to see the movie that I am going to review. The fact that I am admitting this is one of the hardest things I have ever done. Yes its true...I saw...The Last Airbender! Oh the shame! Please don't judge me too harshly. I have been looking forward to this movie hitting the dollar theater for months. And when the day finally came I was there opening night. I had always heard that the movie was awful and that I shouldn't waste my time but that I was a complete understatement. Going in my expectations for this movie were pretty low but my lowest expectations were not even met! I can honestly say that this was one of the worst movies I have ever seen in my life. And considering that fact that I have seen a lot of movies in my day that's saying a lot. This movie makes Troll 2 look like The Shawshank Redemption and Glitter look like Lord Of The Rings! There was absolutely no character development...the story just jumped right in...and the acting! Oh man don't get me started on the acting! I am pretty sure my right toe would have done a better job than every single person in this movie. And to top it all off the weird Neverending Story/Totoro flying creature was more than I could handle. Normally I don't mind movies by M. Night but this one was so awful! He owes me $2 and I want that 2 hours of my life back! Do yourself a favor and NEVER see this movie...and if you have I am sorry! I give this movie a big fat 0!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Total Eclipse of the Heart!

We are super duper excited about our very first movie review and the fact that it's Eclipse (the 3rd installment of the Twilight Saga).   We went to the midnight showing and first and foremost this movie was epic!   But it is important for us to discuss the atmosphere of our cinematic experience! We of course with our mother and being the Twihards that we are we even sat alone in single seats so we could go. There were 3 seat seat in the back, another in the middle, and then one closer to the front on the side(the one no one wanted) We'll start with Joanna's experience...She chose to sit in the seat in the back, hoping to have a better view of the film. But this was not the case!   *Joanna here!  Let me begin by telling you about the chatty Kathy"s and Kevy"s behind me!!!!!  They were even talking out LOUD might I add!   During Harry Potter!!!!!!  Seriously the moment I hear that beautiful song from John Williams I require a moment of SILENCE!   Then they continued being ANNOYING the whole rest of the movie!  It totally Almost ruined my experience, but then Edward came on and I was okay!   Then our Poor Mother sat in the middle seat next to a boy who sounded like he had Turrets!  (apparently he made especially weird sounds when a certain part involving a bed came on!).   *Lisa here! And as for my "experience" I had the seat of course that no one was the Mr.Collins of the theatre. But this one had a happy ending! I sat by a nice little mom and her two shy, very quiet daughters (key word being quiet). I enjoyed every minute, had a perfect view of the screen, and best of all tons of leg room to stretch out my Amazon Women legs!

Now for the part you have been waiting for.,.OUR VERY FIRST REVIEW! Hold the applause please! When thinking about a good way to review our movies we were inspired by one of our favorites (that review is still to come)

The 5 Stages of Movie Reviews...

1.Borefest 2010
2.Meh...Not even RedBox Worthy!
3.Maybe I will rent it...
4.I might buy it
5.I want you, I need you, oh baby oh baby! (Courtesy of 10 Things I Hate About You)

So when in comes to eclipse we give it a 5 with 2 snaps in a Z formation! We loved this movie! We laughed, we jumped, we got chills, we swooned, we giggled, and we even almost cried! When it comes to the characters, Edward gets an award for most improved, next to Jasper(courtesy of his confederate soldier outfit thing! with a Texan accent to boot!) Robert Pattinson has not been our first choice to play Edward and although he had moments in the previous films he still didn't quite live up to our expectations. But when it came to Eclipse...Edward was finally unleashed! He was romantic, believable, tough, and just everything that you ever want in a man. Bryce Dallas Howard took over the role of the bad vampiress Victoria! She did an amazing job playing this role...the only part that was a little on the cheesy side is when she got angry and showed all her teeth and hissed! We were waiting for her to turn into a bat or the Hulk or maybe some sort of snake! In the film Victoria raises up an army of newborn vampires to get revenge on the Cullen family. Part of her plan is to deceive Riley(played by cutie patootie Xavier Samuel) he did an amazing job playing this character and we are so sad that he was *spoiler alert* ripped apart savagly by a wolf! The other characters all did a good job. We could have done without the weird wigs though...Not sure who is running that department but they should be fired! They even had to re shoot some scenes with Kristen Stewart because test audiences hated it sooooooo much!! And boy are we glad that they did! If they were this bad we cant even imagine what awful tiny rugs they put on there heads! Well maybe we can...did you see Jasper in the beginning! Thank heavens for soldier hats! Taylor Lautner of course reprised his role as Jacob...although we are NOT team Jacob he was definitely easy on the eye and has great skin! We especially enjoyed the random lines that were thrown out about him "does he ever wear a shirt?" considering that his entire wardrobe consisted of a pair of shorts and sneakers! Is he even wearing socks? Seriously! All the other pups played their parts well. Especially Leah! She was totally ripped! (and we mean that in a totally non-lesbiany way) If we had to say anything bad about the movie it would be that it didn't have her friends from Forks High School more. We love them and they only had maybe 5 minutes of screen time! C'mon guys! They were a hoot in the book! This was a wonderful film that we plan on seeing at least 10 times...maybe even beat Titanic with 15 times! If you are a Twilight fan you will love this movie and everything about it. On the other hand if you are a guy going with a girl don't expect to enjoy yourself too much! Ok kids...Popcorn wishes and Goober Dreams!